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Protection of 3 Phase devices against Over voltage, Under voltage unbalance supply is one of the major issue in electrical systems. For safe running of 3-phase devices, special protections that keep a continous watch on supply conditions are very essentials. The major cause of maximum load burn-out is overloading which occurs due to unbalance supply. Single phasing & Reverse phasing conditions LVM-3p detects such conditions & protect the load from burn cut.

'PROTONs LVM-3P' offer following protections with precise accuracy. LOW/HIGH voltage tripped to ensure trouble free running of 3-phase Loads. Reverse phasing or imbalance in Phase voltages, Single phasing protection.
Salient Features :-
Microcontroller based system.
Suitable for Tree phase load.
Protection against over voltage
Protection against Under voltage.
Protection against Single phasing & unbalance.
Protection against Reverse phasing.
Trip indication for Faults, indication for output relay ON.
Under voltage/Over voltage set points are setable.
No seperate auxiliary supply required.
 Technical Specifications :-
Supply voltage:
3 Phase 415VAC, 50Hz(No auxilliary supply)
Output Contacts :
Twochangeover(NC-C-NO),Rating 5A at 230VAC
Voltage trip setting

: Over voltage limit can be set within 430 to 470VAC Hysterisis between cut off & cut in 10V

: Under voltage limit can be set within 330 to 370VAC Hysterisis between cut off & cut in 10V

Trip Time delay
50m sec
Reset Mode
Healthy (ON) : Green LED

Healthy (ON) : Green LED
Over Voltage (OV) : Red LED
Under Voltage (UV) : Red LED
Single Phase (SPP) : Red LED

Reverse Phase (REV PHASE): Red LED
Operating Temperature Range
-5 0C to 60 0C
Relative Humidity
Din Rail: Base mounting
dimentions.: 62 (W) X 70 (L) X 110 (D) mm
Working :-
In the normal run mode, if the supply is within the range then Relay will be ON. If Over voltage, Under voltage, SPP, Unbalance & Reverse phasing returns in the supply then Relay will be Off & corresponding Fault LED start blinking.

OV : It becomes blinking when, voltage increases above set limit.
UV : It becomes blinking when, voltage decreases below set limit.

SPP: It becomes blinking when, B phase is abset or phase to phase Unbalance. (UB: 65+/-10V)
REV PHASE: It becomes blinking when, phase Sequence is changees, Hystesis between at off & cut in is 10V.

SETTING: OV : Over voltage limit can be set with in 430VAC to 470VAC by OV preset.

UV : Under voltage limit can be set with in 330VAC to 370VAC by UV preset.